Oregon Fashion Schools

There is 1 School in Oregon for Fashion Design + Merchandising.

Oregon State University Address: 200 Bexell Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331

Founded in 1868 and located in Corvallis, Oregon, this co-educational, public research university of 27,000, which is a flagship university of the Oregon University system, offers a very good Apparel Design and Product Development program. Students in these areas design sportswear, suits, dresses, coats, accessories, and just about everything else that people wear. Designers research color and style trends to create concepts and sketches for fashions one to two years in advance of the market. Some create new garment styles…

Fashion Schools in OR

The Art Institute of Portland is the only school in Oregon that offers a degree in fashion design. This nationally recognized school produces well educated designers who are passionate about their work.

The fees to attend the school are quite reasonable compared to other fashion schools.

Best of all, 89% of the student population receive some kind of financial aid package. This helps curb the roughly thirty thousand dollar tuition fee.

The school is quite small compared to other fashion schools. Its overall student body is a little more than 1,700. This makes it easier to connect with alumni when it comes to job prospects, mentorships, and internships. Thus, it is a great school to attend if you want to stay in the Portland as many students stay in the area after graduation if they have not secured jobs out of state.

That said, Oregon is not really known for its high fashion jobs, but that does not mean they do not exist. Many students work in the upper levels of retail management or freelance until they find their dream design career. Luckily, there has been a burgeoning fashion industry growing in Portland. The cities typically grungy influence has been a strong influence for many young designers. As a result, more jobs have opened up in support of their business ventures.

Portland Fashion Week

Portland Fashion Week is quickly becoming the place for local designers to show off their latest collections. It is also getting big enough the catch the eye of more established brands who are interested in showing off their clothing to the varied Portland customer.

Some of the coolest and newest jobs to emerge from this event are geared towards those with experience and education in fashion design. PR teams, fashion show producers, and event planners need designers who understand the industry inside and out. Therefore, many graduates are finding jobs using their design skills to help produce fashion events throughout the city all year long. This might not be a job working at a prestigious fashion house, but it is a lucrative option for design students in Portland.


The latest incarnation of Portland’s fashion week is called Fashionxt. This annual event will hopefully put Oregon on the map as a viable fashion capital. It is to include more trade shows and events that cater to the fashion lifestyle including forums on technology and green fashion. Thus, students are encouraged to use their connections to participate in this event in any possible way.

Portland Catapult is an event established by a graduate of The Art Institute of Portland that is set to focus on local talent. Thus, there are plenty of opportunities for young designers to show off their work.

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