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  • 14 May
    Fashion Capitals of the World

    Fashion School Infographic Fashion Capitals A fashion capital is a city which has a major influence on international fashion trends and in which the design, production and retailing of fashion products – plus events such as fashion weeks, awards and trade fairs – generate significant economic output. Definition Fashion capitals usually have a broad mix of business, financial, entertainment, cultural and leisure activities are internationally recognized for having a unique and strong identity. It has also been noted that the…

  • 15 Apr
    Free Fashion Schools

    Low-Cost Fashion School Options All you fashionistas who have an eye for trending styles but just don’t seem to know how to put those thoughts in motion, now have a multitude of online tutorials and courses at your disposal from a variety of different schools and websites. Best of all, every online fashion design campus that offers the courses and tutorials present you with the fashion basics for free, so you can be on your way to designing and making…

  • 15 Apr
    What to Expect at Fashion School

    Introduction to Fashion Schools When making the world and yourself look spectacular is something that interests you, then attending a fashion school should be the next step taken in life. Fashion schools will help make you the “fashionista” that you never thought possible. Fashion school is unlike any other college or university because the majority of the work is hands-on. Learning About Fashion The history of fashion is what is learned when beginning fashion school. It is extremely important for…

  • 14 Apr
    Fashion Schools in Italy

    Italian Fashion Schools Have you dreamed of working with some of the top fashion designers in the world and maybe even one day becoming your own world-renowned fashion designer? Or perhaps you’ve daydreamed about becoming a fashion photographer, taking pictures of prominent fashion models from all over the world. Fashion schools in Italy offer you the chance to do just that. Once you enroll, you will have exclusive access to a world renowned education in an international fashion program that…

  • 13 Apr
    Fashion Schools in Paris

    French Fashion Schools When thinking about your future and where you will find yourself, consider exactly where it is that you will get the best education. There is no reason to limit yourself to local colleges and opportunities found within a certain space. It’s only natural to desire an education in the “motherland” of exotic fashions. In this case, we’re talking about Paris, France. Not only is Paris littered with some of the world’s highest fashion stores, but it is…

Importance of Fashion Schools

Fashion has become an important part of life, so much so that people are now making a living out of it. With such importance being laid on this industry, it is with no wonder that more and more people are getting in to it. The best way to be good at something is to learn the intricacies of it. As such, anyone seeking to have a career in fashion is advised to take up a fashion course.


Fashion courses used to be taught informally, but the introduction of fashion schools has made life easier for aspirants. These schools offer different courses with different qualifications. They include: Fashion design, Garment construction, Modeling, Marketing, Merchandising, Fashion show production, Photography, Styling, Fashion dynamics, Fashion trends analysis.


  • Associate's degree: This is a basic degree that is suitable for people joining the industry at the basic entry level.
  • Bachelor's degree: This degree suits people seeking to join the industry at a higher entry level or mid level.
  • Master's degree: This qualification indicates that one is advanced in their skills hence they often get upper level rankings.

Fashion schools

For starters, fashion schools equip students with professional skills in different fields. Some people may argue that fashion only requires talent and personal skills. Well, this is true to some extent since one must at least have a skill in fashion. However, fashion courses develop such skills further and make them suitable for employment. Experts attest to the fact that it takes more than just a talent to create a fashion trend or run the fashion industry. It takes professional certification to understand the necessary details and manipulate them effectively.

These schools help students identify their niche. One may have an interest in the fashion industry but their niche might be merchandising. In most cases, fashion courses combine several components such as design and retail. This helps in developing design skills and also management skills. In this learning process, people are able to take everything in and at the same time, realize their specialty. This will help them specialize in one or two fields and gain the much desired prowess. It eliminates the need to try out several things at once hence reducing chances of failure.

Fashion schools have helped, and are still helping people advance their fashion skills. In this time and age, one's qualifications determine their ranking, job description, payment and marketability. As such, people who have been in the fashion business for a long time are going back to school to advance their skills. Skills are advanced by learning market changes and needs. The fashion courses enhance the ability of students to analyze fashion trends and market needs. In this way, they are able to give people what they need. Advancing one's skills improves their marketability and in most cases, their ranking and salary.

Fashion schools have made people realize that they do not have to get employed in order to penetrate the fashion industry. People can now create their own business with the skills they acquired in school. Professionalism is an important factor in the world today, and fashion courses help people attain it easily.

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