Which Fashion Degree is Right for You?

By: Fashion School USA | April 13th, 2014 | Comments

Different Fashion School Degrees

A love of fashion, a passion to design, the enjoyment of sewing, and finding it pleasurable to work with others while making the world a more beautiful, edgy or fun place, all of these aspects might make a future degree in fashion just the thing you have been looking for.

So what type of schooling and degrees are available for someone wishing to go into fashion and what sort of job could you expect to get with these degrees? Let’s start by looking at associate degree opportunities.

Associate Degree Opportunities

Associate degrees are typically 1-2 year programs and can help you get entry or mid-level positions in the fashion industry. There are associate degrees available in fashion design, fashion merchandising, and fashion modeling. There are also some associate programs in jewelry or accessory design. The types of positions that can be obtained with an associate’s degree in fashion design can include fashion designer, pattern maker, or sketching assistant. If fashion merchandising or marketing seem more like your area of expertise then this associate’s degree can help you get a position in the purchasing, marketing or sale of clothing and accessories. A fashion modeling associate’s degree focuses on how to handle the way clothing and accessories are presented and can help you if your looking for a position as a fashion photographer assistant, advertising, modeling or styling.

Bachelor Degrees

A bachelor’s degrees takes about 3-4 years to complete and the degrees available are very similar to that of the associate degrees, however they can help you obtain some even higher positions when compared to those of an associate’s degree. For example a bachelor’s degree in fashion design can help you get a position as a fashion consultant or in a type of position that focuses on creating designs. A bachelor’s degree in merchandising or marketing can assist you if you are looking for a position as a fashion marketer or independent fashion designer.

Go Even Further with a Master’s Degree

To open up the most opportunities in the fashion world a master’s degree may be required. Often the positions available to individuals with master’s degrees can also be available to those with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, however this may take many, many years and a great deal of experience before these positions would become available. A master’s degree tells prospective employers that you have the skills and drive to go above and beyond to remain competitive in the world of fashion. Master’s degree programs require that you first have your bachelor’s degree and when accepted into one of these programs you will complete 1-2 further years of schooling. Master’s degrees are available in fashion design for those interested in obtaining a position as a head designer or supervisor, or a fashion show manager. There are also Master’s of Business Administration degrees available for individuals hoping to achieve a management position in the fashion industry.

As with most careers, fashion careers are continually growing and changing at a rapid pace. With the inventions of new technologies and continually evolving practices it is imperative that those individuals working in the fashion world are willing and able to continue their education to stay up-to-date in the rapidly changing fashion world.

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