Colorado Fashion Schools

There is 1 School in Colorado for Fashion Design + Merchandising.

Colorado State University Address: 150 Aylesworth SE - CSU, Fort Collins, CO 80523

Founded in 1870 and located in Fort Collins, Colorado, this public co-educational university of 30,000 students, has a 586-acre main campus and a very good Design and Merchandising Studies Department. It became a land-grant college in 1879, and was granted university status in 1957. This school and the relevant Department offer three academic programs: Apparel Design and Production, Interior Design, and Merchandising. The programs, all leading to a BS degree, have in common an understanding of design, business practices, and…

Fashion Schools in CO

Are you thinking about attending fashion school in Colorado? The fashion industry is an exciting and lucrative field, and thousands of people every year enter the field. For those wishing to pursue a career in fashion, fashion school is a great option. The state of Colorado offers a variety of programs in fashion. If you enjoy fashion and want to pursue a career in this lucrative industry, you may consider attending fashion school. Colorado fashion school offers program that can lead to a great career in fashion.

Whether you want to train to work in illustration, merchandising, fashion, buying, marketing or other related field, there is a program in Colorado fashion school that is right for you.

Types of Fashion School

The type of fashion school in that you attend will often depend upon what area or aspect of fashion you want to get into. Fashion-design schools typically offer programs in fashion design and illustration. Educational programs in Colorado fashion school often includes certificate options, associate degrees, bachelor degrees and master’s degrees.


A degree in fashion can lead to lots of fantastic opportunities in the fashion industry. Dependent upon your area of interest, you can work in many different locations, such as retail stores, private design studios, clothing companies and major fashion magazines. Many careers in fashion open doors to travel opportunities, and fashion-school graduates will be able to work in any metropolitan city in the world. Job opportunities in the fashion industry available to those who obtain college degrees from fashion school.


In Colorado fashion school aspiring fashion-industry professionals learn both academic and practical skills. While many jobs may not require a college degree from a fashion college, employers do expect candidates to possess the skills that are required to perform fashion-related tasks. Fashion-design programs deal with design and sewing, and sometimes with emphasis on theory. Students take coursework that includes classes on fabric choice, draping and pattern-making, sewing skills, and design considerations, and classes on providing service sewing for different clientele and markets.


Fashion schools are institutions that offer training in the fashion industry including areas such as fashion design and illustration, merchandising, marketing, business and buying, fashion styling and photography, among others.

If you are someone who enjoys expressing your creativity, obtaining your education from a fashion school could be a great way to improve on your sense of style and launch a career that allows you to express your unique vision and make your mark in this high-profile industry. Regardless of whether your interest is more in art or business-oriented, Colorado fashion school can train you to work in a career you will love. Take the time to learn more about fashion school, and the application requirements.

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