Pennsylvania Fashion Schools

There are 2 Schools in Pennsylvania for Fashion Design + Merchandising.

Albright College Address: 1621 N 13th St, Reading, PA 19604

It’s a relatively small nationally ranked, private college, founded in 1856 and located in Northeast Reading, Pennsylvania. It has about 1,700 undergraduates in traditional programs, another 800 adult students in accelerated degree programs, and 100 students in the master’s program in education. Students at the department of Fashion can follow career paths in Design & Merchandising, Costume Design, Fashion Design and Merchandising getting accredited BA degrees. There is a focus on humanities, critical thinking and communication over technical, pre-professional fields…

Drexel University Address: 3141 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Founded in 1891, Drexel is a private research university with 25,000 students, three campuses in Philadelphia, and one in Sacramento, California. Drexel’s top-flight Fashion Design program is recognized as one of the top 10 fashion programs in the United States and one of the top 20 programs in the world. Their rigorous curriculum consists of a unique six-month co-op experience that complements coursework in conceptual design, presentation skills, CAD, and manufacturing methods. The curriculum covers all facets of fashion design,…

Fashion Schools in PA

The fashion runways of Hollywood and New York City have no idea about the wealth of promise students from other areas are poised to contribute to the world of clothing and couture.

Pennsylvania itself is home to two fantastic fashion schools that produce world class graduates each year.

These students study at institutions removed from the mainstream because of their unique visions and desire to contribute amazing ideas and designs.

Advantage of Fashion Schools

The advantage of fashion schools in Pennsylvania are their abilities to combine traditional learning formats with the demands of modern industry. It isn’t always necessary to attend classes and seminars in the same regions that fashion subjects are worn, manufactured, or reviewed. Excellent professionals with lifetimes of experience and fashion industry-specific insights have a residence position at the most prominent Pennsylvania fashion schools. Many students of fashion can gain a thorough exposure to modern fashion production without the need to take classes in the country’s biggest metro areas. Fashion principles are universal and can be learned even in state schools in Pennsylvania.

New England Fashion Careers

New England fashion careers are open to local fashion school graduates. These opportunities present unlimited routes to showcase innovative ideas. Employers in the high fashion industry aren’t only looking for great minds and personalities coming out of the nearest schools. They are also looking for contributions that bolster the future of American fashion from all nearby training programs. Based on proximity and influence, Pennsylvania fashion school are as attractive as any school on the seaboard. Smart fashion professionals make their initial mark at the two major Pennsylvania fashion schools.

Penn Fashion Week

One of the most high-profile events that Pennsylvania fashion school students participate in is Penn Fashion Week. With sponsorship from entities like Baker Retail Center and representatives from every major media outlet on the eastern seaboard, Pennsylvania fashion students have the opportunity to showcase their ideas. Though this scholastic atmosphere is removed from the metropolitan venues of New York and New Jersey schools, fashion students from Pennsylvania have incredible opportunities to professionally show their contributions to the future of fashion.

Whether it is expense or location, fashion education is as vibrant and full of opportunity as any fashion school in New York City or Los Angeles. Fashion students in Pennsylvania represent the heart of new American standards for clothing and other modes of fashion.

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