Best Fashion Schools

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Top Rated Fashion Schools

The fashion world is one of the most competitive and highly sought after lines of work, at least as far as art in the workplace is concerned. That being said, a large part of what you will learn as an up and coming fashion designer cannot simply be described in a few sentences. It is true that if you are coming from a largely populated area, such as one of your country’s largest cities, then the competition will be higher – but the reward of education may also be greater than going to school for fashion design in a more rural area. There are many factors to take into account, when considering just what type of environment you’re hoping to go to school in and ultimately work your fashion career at.

Location, Location

This may not be prime real estate we’re talking about, meaning it’s not as if you’re investing in a home and are looking to lay down your roots. This is a matter of education. Sure, there are plenty of employers who will not mind that you went to your local community college to get your start, but if you’re hoping to aim high in the fashion industry, then where you end up will be pertinent for boosting your resume’s appeal. With that said, even if your perspective college is far from home, making that huge leap might pay off if it means being able to network with potentially important people that you would have otherwise been limited to Skype sessions with.

Knowledge is Key

Highly rated schools can be found everywhere. Whether you are hoping to stay in the United States, transfer to another country for school, or if you originate in another country, then do as much research as possible on your perspective school. Try creating a list and put down all pros and cons that you read about from former and current students. Make sure to include what one school has that another might not – take your time, lest you make the wrong choice in a hurry to get started.

Top Rated Schools

It’s easy to say that one school is better than the other, though checking them out in person may be the only way to be 100% sure. This method can be costly and time consuming, as it’s not as if everyone who is looking into a school can just fly there on a whim for a tour. Still, there are plenty of schools out there that are synonymous with good reviews from current and past students. The following will include just a few of the many names that are known, for the most part, for their reliability of academics.

Fashion Institute of Technology

This school has a high emphasis on comprehensive programs, which can be easily absorbed, even by a novice to clothing craft. This school is located in New York and is part of the SUNY program, which is heavily affiliated with the fashion industry.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Located in Savannah, GA, this school has a high emphasis on networking and really preparing their students for the retail and marketing aspect of the fashion industry. Programs include fashion marketing and management and accessories design, just to name a few.

Baylor University

A unique fashion design college, located in Waco, TX. Baylor University is considered one of the best fashion design schools in North America, due to the fact that they have access to more technology related to the craft than most any other college in the country. There is even a custom fabric printer on site, which allows students to create their own fabrics on the spot.

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