Ohio Fashion Schools

There are 4 Schools in Ohio for Fashion Design + Merchandising.

Bowling Green State University Address: 110 McFall Center, Bowling Green, OH 43403

This public university, founded in 1910, has 17,000 students and a 1,338-acre main academic and residential campus located in Bowling Green, Ohio. There are several unique buildings, such as the music building, which looks like a baby grand piano and the recreation center, which resembles the school’s falcon mascot, from above. Today it offers over 200 undergraduate programs including Apparel Merchandising and Product Development that focuses on preparing future professionals for exciting, challenging and fast-paced careers in the fashion industry.…

Columbus College of Art & Design Address: 60 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

Founded in 1879 and located in Columbus, Ohio, this small college of art and design, with 1,350 students, is one of the oldest and largest private art and design colleges in the United States. The campus, recently renovated, consists of 14 buildings (including 2 residence halls) on 9 acres, and is adjacent to the Columbus Museum of Art and Columbus State Community College. BFA in Fashion Design The 4-year studies, for a BFA in Fashion Design, reflect the global nature…

Kent State University Address: 800 E Summit St, Kent, OH 44240

The Ohio Board of Regents has endorsed the Fashion School as a “Center of Excellence” at Kent State University and in the State of Ohio. A member of the CFDA, it is recognized as one of the top fashion schools in the US. The Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising was created at Kent State University in 1983 after a generous gift from Rodgers and Silverman, who also donated their entire collection of garments and…

University of Cincinnati Address: 5470 Aronoff Center, Cincinnati, OH 45221

Founded in 1819 and located in Cincinnati, this comprehensive public research university of 42,000 students, is the second largest university in Ohio and one of the largest universities in the United States. The Fashion Design program prepares students for the world of fashion design and its related industries. Fashion designers communicate ideas by fashion sketching, illustration, and through the creation of three-dimensional finished garments that may appear on the runways or in retail stores. In the third year, students choose…

Fashion Schools in OH

Ohio is becoming a top state for fashion in the nation.

Recently, Columbus, Ohio was ranked the third top fashion city in the country. Columbus was ranked after only the long time hot shots of fashion New York City, New York and San Francisco, California.

Columbus is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots for fashion in the nation. This is great news for graduates of the four fashion main fashion institutes in the state.

Experts are predicting that within the next decade Columbus will continue to experience exponential growth within the industry, perhaps even surpassing production and growth of other top cities in the United States and surely improving its ranking within the worldwide fashion market.

Job Outlook

Last year, from the Columbus College of Art and Design alone, before graduation, more than half of the graduating class had already secured a job in the industry. With the available jobs in the industry constantly on the rise, the graduates of fashion institutes don’t have to look too hard to find suitable employment. Columbus hosts several fashion powerhouses like Abercrombie and Fitch which employs roughly 2,000 employees in Ohio alone. Many other seniors have reported receiving multiple job offers from fashion designers in the state.

Though the city of Columbus is the largest fashion center in the state, fashion school graduates will also be able to find work in other large metropolitan areas like Cincinnati. While these areas can provide stable employment, the most competitive jobs exist in the top producing marketplaces like the Columbus area.


Due to the burgeoning industry, completing fashion school in the state of Ohio comes with a plethora of benefits. Students will have easy access to professionals and companies in the industry for first hand experience and assistance. This makes not only landing a job after graduation easier, but internships during school also become plentiful. All of this works to build better workers in the industry which will continue to grow the industry when these individuals become employees.

Furthermore, while there are currently 4 notable fashion schools in the state, as the need for more educated and competitive members in Ohio’s industry increases, so will not only the quantity of qualified institutions, but also the quality of said institutions.

Fashion schools in Ohio are beginning to focus more and more on more practical aspects like hands on work and mimicking situations that fashion students will face in the real world of design. This ensures that the industry will continue to be competitive. The responsibility of these schools is to prepare the future leaders of the industry with the school and experience they need to continue to increase growth and renown within the state.

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