What to Expect at Fashion School

By: Fashion School USA | April 15th, 2014 | Comments

Introduction to Fashion Schools

When making the world and yourself look spectacular is something that interests you, then attending a fashion school should be the next step taken in life. Fashion schools will help make you the “fashionista” that you never thought possible. Fashion school is unlike any other college or university because the majority of the work is hands-on.

Learning About Fashion

The history of fashion is what is learned when beginning fashion school. It is extremely important for the student to know they are really interested in the field they have chosen, so that time and money is not wasted. There will be a great deal of reading, writing, and drawing. Reading must be completed so the person will understand what they are committing to for years to come. Writing and drawing is part of the curriculum so the instructors can see how creative the students are, and it also allows the instructor to see what has been learned from them so far.

Getting Familiar With A Sewing Machine

Fashion school does not only consist of reading, writing, and drawing, but involves an abundance of hands-on projects. The student will design the attire on paper, then actually drawing and cutting their unique pattern, and finally sewing it together. The sewing machine will be your best friend for at least the next two to four years. Actually it will be longer than that because as you further your career in fashion you will always rely on the sewing machine even if it is just for a quick hem.

Understanding Different Fabrics

Of course during all the reading, somewhere it was mentioned that all fabrics are different. The same way that cotton is sewed is not the same that an individual would sew silk. The silk is too delicate and the person sewing could damage the fabric if they are not careful. Instructors are available to help students if they are unsure of how to sew certain fabrics, but if it is something that has to be made for a final exam then remember practice makes perfect.

Friendly Instructors

Colleges and universities are known for having a large amount of students in the classroom, but this is not the case in some fashion schools. Some schools have a low student to teacher ratio, which means that the instructor can provide as much time as the student is able to commit to in order for success. These instructors are not going to give up the time they spend at home with their families, but they will put in extra hours at work so they can say they helped create the next top fashion designer.

Fashion school is not like any other school, especially during exam time. When a student enrolls they will spend a large amount of time learning what they can and cannot do in order to be successful in the fashion world. Instructors will help along the way while monitoring the hands on work the student will eventually display.

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