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Low-Cost Fashion School Options

All you fashionistas who have an eye for trending styles but just don’t seem to know how to put those thoughts in motion, now have a multitude of online tutorials and courses at your disposal from a variety of different schools and websites. Best of all, every online fashion design campus that offers the courses and tutorials present you with the fashion basics for free, so you can be on your way to designing and making your own clothes. Whether you are just beginning your journey and want to get the basics to design hot styles for your own personal use, you had prior fashion experience and need a refresher course, or want a jumpstart in to a fashion career, these free online fashion schools provide all the essentials.

Online Fashion Schools Offering Free Courses

Many colleges offer free courses and tutorials that can be accessed through the Open Courseware Consortium, (OCW). Simply type in the subject you are interested in, e.g. fashion design, sewing, draping, then click search to be directed to video lectures and course materials. The University of Fashion also offers free video tutorials for creating patterns, draping, sewing, illustrating fashion, marketing fashion, and product realization. In my opinion the University of Fashion has the most to offer someone who is just starting out, but some other great schools and online sites might be a better fit for some individuals. I recommend checking them all out since they all supply different materials, ideas, images and lessons, plus they are all absolutely free. Some of the better, more standardized free schools, which offer more of an online classroom setting are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Los Angeles Art and Design, Utah Education Network, Milan Fashion, Korea University and many more. A few free workshops are also available and can prove to be very helpful, such as: Start a Clothing Line, Fashion Era and Sewing Workshop.

Free Membership

In most cases signing up to any of the preceding schools for free is as easy as creating a user name and password. Every time you want to go back, simply log back in and enjoy all the basics absolutely free. A lot of the free fashion schools have no sign-up requirements and can be accessed anytime. Keep in mind, no college credits are given for participating in any of the free tutorials or courses; however, learning the basics is an invaluable asset for a person who is trying to break into the fashion world, especially for those who had no prior experience and want to go on to an accredited fashion design school.


The fashion design world can be extremely intimidating but having free online access to so many fashion schools, webinars and workshops makes fashion design a whole lot less daunting. Anyone seeking to become a fashion designer can virtually do so in a very short amount of time by participating in one of the free fashion school courses. As stated before, college credits are not given for completing the courses but many of them do offer certificates of completion and all of them provide a great deal of knowledge. In addition to gaining free course material, information, and knowledge, you now have the skills to be successful in fashion.

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