Fashion Schools in Paris

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French Fashion Schools

When thinking about your future and where you will find yourself, consider exactly where it is that you will get the best education. There is no reason to limit yourself to local colleges and opportunities found within a certain space. It’s only natural to desire an education in the “motherland” of exotic fashions. In this case, we’re talking about Paris, France. Not only is Paris littered with some of the world’s highest fashion stores, but it is also the birthplace of couture fashion, among many other super model styles. It does not take long for the extravagance of Parisian fashion to draw you in, especially if you are hoping to attend one of Paris’ most renown fashion design schools.

Out of the many schools that you will research, if you’re hoping to attend a fashion school in Paris, the International Fashion Academy of Paris may draw your attention. Not only does this college specialize in international students, such as ones from out of country, but it is also a well accredited school that would look well on most anyone’s resume. Not only does the International Fashion Academy play host to a wide variety of design related classes, but there are also plenty of courses to take that will help prepare you for the outside world.

Whether you are hoping for a career in the retail end of things, or whether you have high hopes of starting your own designer line of clothing, there is more to fashion design school than meets the eye. In order to fully prepare yourself for the workplace, it’s important to find a school that employs a many number of aspects to their teaching methods. No matter how well a college may look on your resume, your education means nothing if your chosen place of education fails at teaching their students how to incorporate their newly found skills in the competitive world of fashion design. This includes marketing and advertising skills, finance, and how to properly network.

Another Parisian fashion school that appears to hold a great reputation is Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale. It offers comprehensive classes in fashion design and technique, without skimming on the necessary added classes required for proper finance and marketing in the fashion world. This is also the very same school that is associated in the decision making, when choosing which houses can be considered “true couture” and which cannot. There have been a number of famous grads from this location, as well, which only adds to its renown in the fashion industry. Famous people who have graduated here include such notable names as Valentino, Nicole Miller, Issey Miyake, and Yves Saint Laurent.

ESMOD is a well known fashion design school, located in Paris, France. There are a host of other locations, in 14 other countries, but this particular ESMOD location can actually be considered the world’s first (meaning oldest) school of French design. It has a lower number of students, compared to most large chain fashion schools, but that it simply proof of its wondrous exclusivity. The 700 or so student body of this school is nothing compared to the 200 or so students who attend the highly exclusive Studio Bercot; another fashion design college located in Paris, France.

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