International Academy of Design

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design & Merchandising

Address: 3725 West Grace Street, Tampa, FL 33607

International Academy of Design

The IADT is an Art and Design college with campuses across the US. It is a for-profit media arts college accredited by a national agency, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). The original location in Chicago was established by former Sears executive Clem Stein in 1977. The Tampa location opened in 1984 and recently merged with Sanford-Brown College.

Degree Programs Offered

The college offers Bachelor’s and Associate degrees in fashion design and fashion merchandising, among other art- and design-related fields. Students have the benefit of studying these and other key topics from many experienced professionals, as they analyze the needs of the fashion industry and create a portfolio that showcases work representative of their creativity and technical expertise.

With an 86% placement rate for the fashion design program, it certainly seems that students are well prepared to enter a very competitive marketplace after the end of their studies. The fashion industry is wildly creative and constantly evolving – from style trends to computer-based design to new techniques in pattern drafting to manufacturing and merchandising methods that continue to advance with modern technology.

The International Academy of Design & Technology offers AA, BS and BA degree programs tailored to fashion-savvy students who would like to blend their raw talent with design, and most importantly technology to become part of a whole new breed of creative professionals interested in fashion-related fields.

Stats and More Info

44.05% of the students graduating from this program completed in the designed timeframe. IADT School of Design at Sanford-Brown’s industry-current fashion design courses can help you develop proficiency in product data management, advanced clothing construction, computer-generated apparel design and pattern drafting.

As you pursue your fashion design degree, you can learn to design with specialty fabrics, create garments that meet manufacturing and quality assurance standards, cultivate entrepreneurial skills, and develop original collections. The acceptance rate is 51%.

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